Metal Car Emblems or Badges

Pretty Shiny Gifts is well known for manufacturing custom emblems for cars, both metal car emblems as well as ABS car badges. While metal grill badge can be made in different materials and finishes, such as stamped copper cloisonné, photo etched bronze or aluminum soft enamel, die casting zinc alloy.



Material: copper (second choice bronze, zinc alloy, aluminum)

Logo process: stamped hard enamel (second choice bronze/zinc alloy imitation hard enamel, soft enamel)

Plating: chrome which is more durable than nickel plating

Accessory: screw & nut, 3M double adhesive tapes, back plate


Die struck copper cloisonné is the top highest quality and most valuable process among all the finishes. Real cloisonné also known as hard enamel, which is using traditional methods, skilled craftsmen and often with chrome plating in order to achieve waterproof, heat resistant, anti-oil durable surface. It’s said that the cloisonné color can last 100 years without fading because it is derived from mineral ore. Therefore, these custom car logo badges finished in real cloisonné can be widely used on automobiles, cars, motobikes, buses, boat, furniture, machinery, outdoor constructions and more.


If you want to create your personal high quality chrome auto emblem, hard enamel with chrome finish would be your first choice to withstand all weather conditions without colors transformed. Different accessories are available like 3M double adhesive, bolts with threads, backplate, depends on how are you going to fix the custom made car emblem onto the vehicle.


Compared to hard enamel badges, these car club badges finished by photo etched processing is much light-weight and with soft enamel only. While zinc alloy grill badge can be imitation hard enamel, soft enamel or without color. Because of the character of zinc alloy material, the screw fitting usually rivetted on the backside instead of silver soldering for cloisonné grill badges.


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Durable Metal Car Emblems or Badges

Post time: Apr-19-2021