• Custom Woven Patches & Labels

    Custom Woven Patches & Labels

    Custom woven patches & labels have always been one of our best seller and completive products for its various usage and fashion design. They are very versatile and can be applicated to bags, shoes, hats, toys, cars, furniture and apparel including outerwear, underwear and so on. One of the mo...
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  • Quality Custom Made Lanyard

    Quality Custom Made Lanyard

    Strap & lanyard are very common in our daily life, such as neck straps for office staff, school student & ID lanyard for trade shows, luggage strap, medal ribbon, dog leash & collars, short strap with carabiner, phone strap, camera strap, glasses strap, charg...
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  • Durable Dog Leashes & Collars

    Durable Dog Leashes & Collars

    Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings and nowadays many families own one dog at least. For a new dog owner, the must have are including dog food, a comfortable bed, then is the leash. No matter the age or size of your dog, pet walking is essential. Therefore yo...
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  • Custom Quality Lanyards

    Custom Quality Lanyards

    High quality lanyards should be the priority option for you to display badges, tickets or ID cards at events, work and in organizations, and one of the trendiest promotional items around the world. The lanyard can be also used in many applications such as bracelet, bottl...
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  • Disney Approved Embroidery Patch Manufacturer

    Disney Approved Embroidery Patch Manufacturer

    With the (very popular) trend away from fast fashion consumption, the demand for individual and original items has increased. Sometimes, when you see beautiful embroidery patches on cloths, you must be surprised with its complicated crafts. We are your best manufacturer ...
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