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Different from the traditional lanyards, the customized lanyards are more eye-catching. The lanyards could be produced with luminous effect, adding rhinestones, or adding flocking characters. These lanyards could be used in the special occasions. For instance, the luminous effect makes the lanyard visible in the dark, which is widely used in the night running, night club and etc. You do not worry that the logo could not been seen under the night. The logo would be more impressive shown in the dark. Adding rhinestones or flocking characters makes the lanyard more fashion. Rhinestones are rather shiny under the sunshine, the girls prefer to these lanyards. The lanyards are hot sale under these fashionable elements. The youngers prefer to these lanyards and it becomes the mark of the fashion. The logo could be embodied in many processes such as silkscreen printing, heat transfer, woven and etc.     You might be confused on which process are used as per your customized lanyards. Leave these questions to us, our professional sales team will provide the proper suggestions, not only makes the logo outstanding, but also competitive on the prices. Stop hesitation and contact us at once. Jian will become your long-term and reliable supplier.