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Our Products

Long history fabric products, now made by machine. Our factory established in 1984, we have much experiences in embroidery & woven products. Our one staff can operate many machines. And one machine can get 20-30pcs same products in the same time.   We make these fabric products manufacturing become high efficiency. Then clients can get with cheap prices. We can provide embroidery and woven products. Embroidery & woven products are popular as part of the decoration for the garments/caps/bags. Especially low MOQ and short production lead time for Customized design. So many clients choose these to make their logo/design then attach to the main products. And this kind of logo more stable, and after many times wash still keep as original. Embroidery logo have 3D effect. And for some special designs, can make the design vivid. For example, some animals with hair. Threads can make the hair more real both for the appearance and touch. but for some small logo and letters woven can get better details. And we can do woven with embroidery logo in one product. And we always give best suggestion to our clients.   Welcome send your design to us!