• High Quality Metal Charms

    High Quality Metal Charms

    Would you like to make some high quality metal charms to your accessories? Please come and join us, Pretty Shiny Gifts will fulfill our desire and bring your idea into real life.   We offered huge open designs for pendant necklaces, bracelets charms, pet charms, Christmas ornament for you to...
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  • Classic Cloisonné Lapel Pin & Badge

    Classic Cloisonné Lapel Pin & Badge

    Cloisonné badge is also called hard enamel badge, which is a very traditional process and owns long history. It’s been said that hard enamel badges can be preserved for 100 years without fading because the colors are derived from mineral ore and been burned at 850 degree centigrade. We use hard e...
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  • Customized Metal Belt Buckle

    Customized Metal Belt Buckle

    Pretty Shiny Gifts always provide high quality metal medal, challenge coin, pin badges, cufflinks and also a wide range of custom belt buckles. As you know, personalized belt buckles are not only just fashion accessory, but also great gift for souvenir, collection, commemorative, promotion, busin...
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  • Custom Lapel Pins and Badges

    Custom Lapel Pins and Badges

    Pretty Shiny Gifts offers a wide range of premium quality customized lapel pins and badges. Various materials can be using to create a metal pin, including copper, brass, bronze, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel iron, pewter, sterling silver and more. All of them are q...
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  • High-quality Custom Cufflinks

    High-quality Custom Cufflinks

    Cufflink is a decorative fastener which are worn to fasten the two sides of cuffs on the shirt. It’s designed only for use with shirts which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons. A pair of noble & fashionable cufflink is a perfect gift option for men which expresses the observation o...
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  • Metal Car Emblems or Badges

    Metal Car Emblems or Badges

    Pretty Shiny Gifts is well known for manufacturing custom emblems for cars, both metal car emblems as well as ABS car badges. While metal grill badge can be made in different materials and finishes, such as stamped copper cloisonné, photo etched bronze or aluminum soft enamel, die casting zinc al...
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  • Metal Money Clips

    Metal Money Clips

    What the merits of metal money clips are? Money clip is a device typically used to store cash and credit cards in a very compact fashion for those who do not wish to carry a wallet. It is generally a solid piece of metal folded into half, so that the bills and credit car...
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  • Golf Hat Clip With Ball Marker

    Golf Hat Clip With Ball Marker

    In view of the benefits of golf being a sport isolated from society, as families flock to enjoy the vast space and fresh air, more and more children started to go out during the epidemic. Yes, exquisite golf accessories including hat clip not only enjoy a popular market, but also inspire and enco...
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  • Divot tool with ball marker

    Divot tool with ball marker

    In the spirit of maintaining the community, every golfer should make sure that the repairs are carried out correctly. Although you can use the teeing area to do the job, the turf repair tool is more efficient. What is a repair tool used for in golf? Lots of people want t...
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  • Decorate The Mask With Customized Lapel Pins

    Decorate The Mask With Customized Lapel Pins

    Even as the coronavirus vaccines are reaching us, but as long as the pandemic isn’t over, it’s suggested to wear face masks to protect against COVID for most of 2021. Except the simple surgical mask and N95 mask, Pretty Shiny could supply colorful cloth face masks with c...
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  • SDG Pin Badge

    SDG Pin Badge

    The United Nations has committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. Sustainable development is a moving goal which was a call for action in 2015 to all countries to eradicate extreme poverty, hunger, protect the planet and ensure that...
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  • Military Medal With Ribbon Drape

    Military Medal With Ribbon Drape

    Military medal is a military decoration that award to veterans, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, other ranks for their exceptional bravery, those who ever served for the commission, army, armed forces or commonwealth countries.   Should you are looking for custom military medal a...
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