• SDG Pin Badge

    SDG Pin Badge

    The United Nations has committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. Sustainable development is a moving goal which was a call for action in 2015 to all countries to eradicate extreme poverty, hunger, protect the planet and ensure that...
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  • Military Medal With Ribbon Drape

    Military Medal With Ribbon Drape

    Military medal is a military decoration that award to veterans, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, other ranks for their exceptional bravery, those who ever served for the commission, army, armed forces or commonwealth countries.   Should you are looking for custom military medal a...
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  • Military Ribbon Bars

    Military Ribbon Bars

    Medal ribbons are normally used to attach medals on clothes or on the neck, including long neck ribbons, ribbon drapes, short ribbon bar. The short ribbon bar also named as service ribbon which is a small ribbon, mounted on a small metal bar fitted with an attaching devi...
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  • Customized Challenge Coins

    Customized Challenge Coins

    Today we would like to show you our military challenge coins. Challenge coin is a symbol of hard work, a job well done or spur pride and create a feeling of loyalty in the corporation, a very good item to show your high taste, and an ideal gift item works best as reward,...
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  • Elegant Magic Button

    Elegant Magic Button

    Glad to introduce our best-selling product: Elegant Magic Daisy Button.   It’s not only a simple lapel pin but also a magic tool especially in summer. **Collar too low? Magic button helps **T-Shirt too large? Magic button helps **Waist size too big? Magic button helps As you can see from the v...
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  • New Innovative Metal Finish

    New Innovative Metal Finish

    The most common metal plating colors for custom badges, medals are gold, nickel, black nickel, matt and antique finish. People may get aesthetic fatigue on the standard finish of metal products and want to create an innovative pin, keychain or medal?   Pretty Shiny ...
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  • Paying Tribute to our Heroes in the Corona Virus Prevention Battle

    Paying Tribute to our Heroes in the Corona Virus Prevention Battle

    As the Corona Virus has been spreading globally and rapidly, it becomes a tough battle that we human beings need to defeat together. A lot of heroes as doctors, nurses, policemen, volunteers are doing hand-to-hand combat against the virus, putting their lives on the line in the efforts to contain...
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