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Have you watched “survival in the wild”? In this program, the famous star wears the survival bracelets& paracord. It is rather important survival tools in the wild. The survival bracelet is muti-functional, which includes many practical tools such as knife, rules, carabiner hook, compass, barometer and etc. Compass is frequently used in the wild to lead your direction to prevent from getting lost. Knife helps to sharpen the branches when it is a need in the wild. Paracords are a must when you climb in the wild. The environment in the wild is rather crucial, these could help you, maybe save your life. Despite using in the wild, these could be the survival tools in the daily life to prevent from being hurt by law-violators.     The mould is free if you choose our existing designs, 350/480/550 Paracord and plastic buckle. It could add the logo laser engraved on the plastic buckle or it could add with the logo tag. The standard size is 205(L)*22(W)mm for the bracelet. Or if the clients prefer to the customized size, it is welcomed. Working with us, you would become impressive on the aspects of the design, quality, delivery time, and best after sale service.