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Luggage straps are very important to make the luggage in place. No matter using the private cars, trains or the airplanes, the suitcase will easily be squeezed, the luggage in the suitcase would become in mass. That’s really troublesome. With the help of the luggage straps, it adds the external force to the suitcase to fix the luggage. How to distinguish your suitcase in the public places, other might use the same brand suitcases and same colors, you could distinguish your suitcase by the help of the luggage straps. That’s one function. In additional, it could add the logo onto the luggage straps. Then luggage straps could be used as the giveaway gifts to the travelers. The airlines prefer to this kind of giveaway gifts.     The belt is produced with 2 inches wide, owning a safety buckle to keep the luggage securely closed. Various materials could be chosen such as polyester, nylon& imitation nylon materials. Among these materials, the nylon material is with the best quality and more durable. Imitation nylon is the next and then it is the polyester material. It could make the reasonable choice considering its use and its cost. Different process could be used on the logo such as silkscreen printing, CMYK printing, embossed imprinting, knit and etc.