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Have you got stuck in “car sea” and wondering the meaning of car grille badges? The metal symbol on car can be seen in our life every day. Different symbol stands for values and tradition of the native people. When you are the car owner, how to keep it outside door without color fading is a question? We highly recommended that hard enamel material which also called cloisonné. It was one kind powder material can keep the symbol color lasting with timeless. Beside hard enamel, our factory also has imitation hard enamel, soft enamel, printing to finish all car badge logo details. Each with outstanding hand craftsmanship, welcome come to our factory to share us your preference for best way to manufacture your ideal car badge.     Specifications: ● Process: Artwork preparing, mold engraving, color repairing, cloisonné burning, stoning, assembling, rack plating, quality checking ● Features: Durable surface, heat resistant, water-proof, anti-oil and anti-car washing liquid ● Application: car decoration, souvenir or business gifts for company of organizations. tyuk