• Various Fidget Toys For Promotions

    Various Fidget Toys For Promotions

    Need an outlet for nervous energy or a bit of focus when boredom sets in? Pretty Shiny Gifts not only can supply metal fidget spinners, plastic fidget spinners, fidget balls, Rubik’s cube, fidget roller, magnetic rings & fidget pens, but also push pop bubble sensory fidget toys, simple dimple...
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  • Silicone Kitchen Sets

    Silicone Kitchen Sets

    Except silicone wristbands, silicone keychains, silicone coasters, silicone phone case etc, Pretty Shiny Gifts also supplies all kinds of silicone kitchen tools like silicone jars openers, silicone mesh spoons, spaghetti spoon, honey spoon, silicone shovel, silicone scraper, silicone spatula, sil...
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  • Wholesale Pet Accessories

    Wholesale Pet Accessories

    Glad to say that you are coming to the right pet supplies at competitive prices. Take some time to look around our variety of pet products and accessories, you won’t be disappointed.   Pets are the truly friends for human beings, we sincerely wish they live healthy ...
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  • Fitness Elastic Bands

    Fitness Elastic Bands

    Fitness Elastic Bands is a great tool for physical exercise at home, gym. It’s said that elastic bands are just as effective as weight machines for improving fitness, but are much gentler on the joints and are perfect for beginners and older people. After the study was c...
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  • Various Custom Keychains

    Various Custom Keychains

    Want to get gifts for family or friends? A personalized keychain is a good way. Keychain or keyring is a practical little tool and has been used for more than a century to help people keep track of keys used in houses, vehicles and offices. These key chains usually have ...
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  • Creative 4 in 1 Travel Bottle Set

    Creative 4 in 1 Travel Bottle Set

    This portable travel bottle set is designed 4 in 1 rotating lid. The outer bottle is hollow in durable ABS material, the inner bottle made using eco-friendly PET and non-toxic materials that are fully comply to international standards. What’s more, the refillable inner b...
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  • Christmas Gift Items

    Christmas Gift Items

    Christmas may seem a while away yet, but it’s never too early to start ordering something new to gain market share or start thinking of gifts for your staff, family members, friends, partner, especially if they’ve all got different niches and interests. If you’re the one donR...
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