• High Quality Metal Charms

    High Quality Metal Charms

    Would you like to make some high quality metal charms to your accessories? Please come and join us, Pretty Shiny Gifts will fulfill our desire and bring your idea into real life.   We offered huge open designs for pendant necklaces, bracelets charms, pet charms, Christmas ornament for you to...
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  • Biodegradable TPU Product Collection

    Biodegradable TPU Product Collection

    You might notice that it is getting hotter & hotter in summer, colder & colder in winter. Environment protection is becoming a must. Along with the people to the environmental protection request higher & higher, accordingly, the items that could be biodegradable is a trend. Except the...
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  • Classic Cloisonné Lapel Pin & Badge

    Classic Cloisonné Lapel Pin & Badge

    Cloisonné badge is also called hard enamel badge, which is a very traditional process and owns long history. It’s been said that hard enamel badges can be preserved for 100 years without fading because the colors are derived from mineral ore and been burned at 850 degree centigrade. We use hard e...
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  • Equipment For Home Fitness & Workout

    Equipment For Home Fitness & Workout

    During the difficult time in COVID-19 period, what can we do to protect ourselves & our loved ones? Except wear face mask when going out & wash hands frequently, do more exercise and boost our immune system would be another good choice. However, people have limited place and fitness equip...
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  • Leather Souvenirs

    Leather Souvenirs

    Leather is a natural product with more than thousands of years history. The leather made souvenir item looks elegant and never goes out of style, therefore leather is ideal material serve modern needs and great for high-end promotional gift items.   Pretty Shiny Gifts can supply variety type...
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  • Various Military Uniform Epaulets

    Various Military Uniform Epaulets

    Epaulet is the ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as in insignia or ranked by the pilot military, army forces and other organizations. Pretty Shiny Gifts produces metal, embroidered, woven or embossed PVC epaulets and shoulder marks with various backing for customers’ choices. For the e...
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  • Father’s Day Gifts

    Father’s Day Gifts

    Father’s love is kind, honest, humble, patient, sacrificial and unchanging. To give something special on Father’s Day as a gift is one of ideal way to show how much you appreciate him being in your life. Have no ideas about what do dads like as gifts? It’s better to know her interests firstly, an...
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  • Multi-function Push Pop Bubble

    Multi-function Push Pop Bubble

    Push pop bubble toys occupy the market rapidly once it’s on sale, and now becoming one of the prevalent trends in 2021. Why it’s so popular?   Firstly, the fidget bubble toys are made in 100% safe silicone material, reusable and washable. Non-toxic and don’t cause any harm to humans or pets....
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  • SJJ Offer Various Material of Bottle Openers

    SJJ Offer Various Material of Bottle Openers

    Looking for metal bottle opener with exquisite workmanship? Want to create novel styles of beer openers? Like the durable characteristic of soft PVC bottle opener but want the non-toxic material to pass the EU tests? Have you considered to make the coins with the function of bottle opener? Lookin...
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  • Customized Metal Belt Buckle

    Customized Metal Belt Buckle

    Pretty Shiny Gifts always provide high quality metal medal, challenge coin, pin badges, cufflinks and also a wide range of custom belt buckles. As you know, personalized belt buckles are not only just fashion accessory, but also great gift for souvenir, collection, commemorative, promotion, busin...
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  • Custom Woven Patches & Labels

    Custom Woven Patches & Labels

    Custom woven patches & labels have always been one of our best seller and completive products for its various usage and fashion design. They are very versatile and can be applicated to bags, shoes, hats, toys, cars, furniture and apparel including outerwear, underwear and so on. One of the mo...
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  • Quality Custom Made Lanyard

    Quality Custom Made Lanyard

    Strap & lanyard are very common in our daily life, such as neck straps for office staff, school student & ID lanyard for trade shows, luggage strap, medal ribbon, dog leash & collars, short strap with carabiner, phone strap, camera strap, glasses strap, charg...
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