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Lanyards are not only used for the events to embody the customized logo, but also become much more functional with the help of various accessories& materials. For instance, the short strap with carabiner are used for the outdoor activities. Phone strap makes your lift easier by preventing you from leaving the cell phone to anywhere you forgot. Drink holder could free your hands when you shake the hands during the activities. Sports eyeglass lanyards make the eyeglass in place wherever you go. Camera lanyards would hold your loved cameras. Let alone the LED lanyards, it makes the lanyards rather attractive and eye-catching during the night. What’s more, it could be used in the uniform aiguillettes and ceremonial sash. The lanyards would become more functional when more functional accessories come out.     Have you become interested on either function? Or do you have any idea of the special function of the lanyards? Sending the logo to us and we will offer the professional suggestions as per your customized need. Despite from offering the best prices, our quality is also safeguarded. As the 37 years manufacturer, our every foot mark and growth is closely connected with our clients.