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When you go shopping, have you noticed that many shoes are using shoelaces to make the shoes more fashionable and attractive. Generally speaking, the shoelaces own the standard length. Its length could also be customized. Different colors, different processes and different material, sizes are used for the shoelaces, making it outstanding. With the help of the shoelaces, the shoes are becoming outstanding too. The colors are solid colors., mixed braided colors, rainbow colors, glow in the dark colors and metallic tread colors. Which color could match the shoes? If the shoes are the fashionable sports shows, mixed braided colors& rainbow colors could be used. If the shoes are with the common colors, the solid colors could be used. If these are used for the night running, using “ glow in the dark color” is a good idea.Re the logos, sometimes the logo would be printed on the shoes but sometimes, the logo could be added in the shoelaces. The logo could be silkscreen printing, offset printing, sublimated printing, woven and etc, among which the woven logo is relatively higher in cost.     As the important supplier of the Olympic Games and Disney park, choosing us will give your deep impression on the prices, quality, delivery date and best after-sale service. Contact us immediately!