Fitness Elastic Bands

Fitness Elastic Bands is a great tool for physical exercise at home, gym. It’s said that elastic bands are just as effective as weight machines for improving fitness, but are much gentler on the joints and are perfect for beginners and older people. After the study was conducted to test and compare the effect between elastic bands and with that of weight machines. The results indicated that both are equally effective, but elastic bands are light and portable, can be rolled and fit perfectly inside the included carry bag, which can easily be transported in a purse, briefcase or handbag. Fitness bands can be used anytime and anywhere, just take with you on the go. Making the small elastic loop sets more advantageous.


Our resistance band can be finished as plain weave and twill weave. Both of weaves are polyester cotton with latex mesh. It has elasticity and avoids sudden breakage in use. Flexible and wear-resistant, while extending the service life, you can safely support every action you take. The elastic loops can provide resistance in any direction, effectively stabilize the body shape, assist the stretching, correct the movement and make the training more efficient. Targeted training can be carried out on multiple parts of the body to better activate local muscles, strengthen the strength of the core muscles, and shape the body curve in all directions. It is used for hip warping, leg muscles, and body balance, and to strengthen the core strength of the body. The fitness bands are designed for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, available in three sizes. Size S, M, L features the weak, medium and strong traction respectively, from beginner to expert.



**Made of polyester & premium elastic cord material, soft and durable, with great elasticity
**Three different sizes & resistance level, choose the band that suits you best
**Can be used for practicing hips, large & small leg muscles as well as body balance, thus enhancing the core strength of the body
**Light & portable, easy to take with you on the go, suitable for yoga, Pilates, gym, exercise and so on
**Customized printing logo
**MOQ: 300pcs 



It is suitable for family exercise, gym, yoga and Pilates, warm-up exercise and so on.Fitness Elastic Band


Post time: Feb-12-2021